Melos Gulfwing

Commodore of the Seadragons



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Lhazaar Principalities

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High Prince Rygar’s Seadragons
Under the leadership of High Prince Rygar ir’ Wynarn the seadragons currently “rule” the Lhazaar for as much as pirates can be ruled. Besides the mighty dragoneye, his flagship, he commands a fleet of twenty ships that are equally suited for trade as well as war.
He comes to port in Regalport which is the closest he would call home. Regalport has some of the best shops and inns east of Mror Holds and is often called the “Jewel of the Lhazaar”.

For 15 years High Prince Rygar has ruled the Seadragons and whether or not he actually has the King’s blood in his veins, Rygar has remarkable charisma, a gift of leadership and a head for strategy. Making him one of the deadliest captains of the Lhazaar Seas. So much so that even most of the Seabarons and Pirate Lords bow to his wisdom and council.

Prince Filius Gulfwing
Admiral Filius, a prince serving Rygar, lives in Regalport and became part of the Seadragons at an early age after losing almost everything. He was taken in by Rygar and grew on the (now) High Prince’s ships until he was skilled enough to be captain himself. Not long after Rygar became prince, Filius got his own ship sailing as captain under Rygar. It was during this time Filius got lost on one of his trips in the Lhazaar Seas. He dissappeared for a while and returned about two years later with Melos, his new son.

When Filius returned tention between Rygar and the High Prince of that time were on it’s breaking point. Rygar was pleased to see his captain returned and together with the help of Filius and his other captains he overthrew the old High Prince, claiming the title for himself. Filius and the other captains who had aided Rygar during the coup, and survived, were rewarded with titles themselves and so Filius became a Prince of the Lhazaar.

Commodore Melos Gulfwing
This however also meant Melos would grow up on his father’s ship. The boy born from Filius quickly learned both sides of the Seadragons. The terrible force they could form when at war as well as the incredibly large trading fleet they usually are. But Melos had inherited more than just a pair of good eyes and a beautiful voice from his mother. He had also inherited an older form of magic in the form of Invocations. Whenever Melos grew angry or scared his voice changed, like a Siren suddenly stopping with it’s song and going for the kill, to a deep dark rumbling voice in a language even demons do not speak. Melos’ tantrums could shatter glass and break the weapons of lowly pirates. While many believed Melos was dangerous and cursed in the beginning there are only few who do not appreciate his presence now that he has matured and mastered his skills and emotions.

However troublesome Melos had been as a child so much the more helpful he became when he grew accustomed to his magic. The Lhazaar know many different folk of any and all proffesions but on the seas themselves magic was quite uncommon except a few weapons of the higher ranked members of the fleets. Having a member who could take out an enemy from any position on the ship and break their weapons with the same ease quickly proved a valuable and lethal addition to it’s force. It wasn’t long before Melos started growing through the ranks and claimed a good position on one of his father’s ships.

When Melos’ ship started taking tours around Khorvaire to trade with the other countries and collect new contracts he grew closer to Kol Korran, the God of Wealth and Commerce. Returning home in Regalport he spent considerable time in the chapels and churches of the Seven learning the ways of Kol Korran. Together with one of the Clerics he befriended, Father Garet, he experimented with the magic of the gods and his own inherited magic. Eventually he came to combine the two powers and truly became one of the strongest magicians of his father’s fleet. In the following years up to now Melos kept proving himself as one of the most indispensable members, to the point where he was granted the title of Commodore just before leaving on his next trip by High Prince Rygar himself. He was asked to travel to Sharn and return with some valuable trade contracts, specifically exotic items or even Xen’drik expedition findings.

Melos, on his tour around the North of Khorvaire, has his ship damaged severly just before ariving in Sharn. Melos had originally planned to travel no further anyway but many of the crew now wait for the next Seadragon tradeship to take them back to the Lhazaar. While his crew are being treated and rest in the lower area’s of the city Melos headed up in search of these trade contract and found himself in a tavern with Gavrin Shreve, Liam and the Terminator. Which really sounds like the start of a good joke, but have turned out valuable companions with similair ambitions for the city of Sharn, the City of a Thousand Ideas Towers.

Melos Gulfwing

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